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Silver End & Maldon, Essex, England


We teach in a friendly, challenging and fun environment.

Since 2014 Keiryu Practical Karate has been offering high quality karate tuition, helping students work towards, and achieve their individual goals.

Not only do we look at basic techniques, we also look at the practical application of techniques. Unlike many karate groups we have two separate syllabuses one for children and one for adults. This allows for a clear progression from children's karate to adult's karate, leading to a comprehensive teaching structure.

Each class is varied and contains aspects from our syllabus and curriculum. Week by week we aim to build confidence in a structured, friendly but challenging and fun environment.

The aim of our syllabus is to produce individuals with knowledge of practical application of karate. We recognise that we are not all the same and seek individuality.

We cover hand, arm, foot and leg striking techniques, impact work, grappling, ground work, throws, takedowns, locks and self protection skills.

If you are looking for a new challenge whilst improving fitness, then give it a go!

Keep fit, improve confidence, whilst learning both mental and physical aspects of self defence. Start your journey today. Book a trial lesson now!