What is Keiryu practical karate?

Karate was originally a civilian defence system, designed to defend against a villain or ruffian, rather than for use on the battle field.

Keiryu is karate as it was intended, an old martial art derived from combat not sport. At Keiryu we focus on the application of karate techniques in real life scenarios, against one or more opponents.

In addition to the primary striking techniques of hand, foot and head, we make use of locks, throws, evasion, de-escalation and escape, just as was originally taught by the old masters in Okinawa. 

Who is Keiryu practical karate suited to?

At Keiryu we offer a range of classes to suit all backgrounds and ambitions.

Novice: both adult and child classes suited to those with little to no experience in a dojo. Step-by-step guidance through the etiquette and practice of karate, with progression through the grades (belts) in line with the acquisition of skill and understanding. 

Those with prior martial arts experience: opportunity to build upon the foundations you have already laid down. Whether you are currently practising, or looking to return to martial arts after time away from regular training, you will find a welcoming dojo always ready to embrace new members.

Experienced martial artists: the chance to practice with leading karate-ka, working together to gain a deeper understanding of the practical application of the techniques, forms / kata that you have studied and mastered over years. Bespoke programs created to help you achieve individual excellence, from a progressive syllabus and curriculum to power generation and fluidity of movement, to hone your martial education.

What is the history of Keiryu practical karate?

Keiryu practical karate was founded in 2014 by Lee Mullan, 4th Dan. 

Lee began his martial arts training in Wado-Ryu karate in 1999, his journey has taken him through the experiences of karate competition fighting and kata, where he was awarded gold medals internationally, within this popular karate context.

Lee developed a strong interest in the practical application of karate techniques. Certain questions led Lee to deepen his search. A key question arises for many karateka, and that is 'will this work in a real life situation?' If this question is honestly pursued it will lead to a thorough re-examination of the underlying conceptual foundations upon which the karateka's art has been built.

Lee has had the opportunity of training with other martial artists from a variety of disciplines who have also sought to bridge the practical gap between form and function. He feels that this is an exciting time for karate as its original intent and purpose is restored to the very practical and reality based self-defence system that it always was.

Lee's teaching methodology from beginner to black belt, is clear, easily grasped, practical, reality based and enjoyable. He has gone onto creating a syllabus which matches the practical aspects of karate. 

When and where are classes held?

Classes are held at Blackwater leisure centre in Maldon and Silver End village hall. Please see classes tab for full details.

How do I join and how much will it cost?

Your first session is free! - This includes those who would like to try martial arts for the first time, those looking for a new club / to return to martial arts, and visiting martial artist seeking to cross-train.


You can book via the free trial tab, but if you don't get the chance, please feel free to just turn up on the day as we will always accommodate you. 

After your free trial there is an introductory package for those wishing to train regularly or a class fee for for one-off training sessions, please see pricing tab for current fees.