Children’s karate classes are available from 6-11 years of age.

Classes are fun and exciting for children. We create a safe and contained setting for learning.  Play, fun and movement are important aspects of growth and development. These are incorporated into classes for children.

We modify our karate for children – making it distinct from the karate we teach our adult classes. However we give them enough knowledge and understanding for when they move onto the adult level. We see Karate as a comprehensive educational process and cater for all ages.


What are the benefits of taking part in regular karate lessons for your child:

  •  An understanding of the basic principles upon which karate is based. Basic techniques such as kicks and punches.

  • Children gain more confidence in the balance and co-ordination within their system.

  • Confidence comes from success. So we award a belt system as an indication of a child’s progress through their karate education.


These belts are earned as a result of efforts made to incorporate and visibly demonstrate what they have learnt in classes in exams called ‘grading’. As a direct result of success students feel more confident in themselves, this transfers to other areas of their lives, e.g. in their schooling.

  • Karate helps build strong bones and muscles, builds the respiratory or breathing system – resulting in strong lungs.

  • An atmosphere of mutual respect for others is cultivated in the dojo.


Keiryu Practical Karate is a learning destination for Children’s University.


Learning Destinations are places and organisations to which children can `travel’ with their `Passport to Learning’.  They provide high quality learning opportunities and experiences, and have passed the Children’s University quality assurance process.

Children’s karate classes are at Maldon and Silver End. Book a free trial lesson!